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Copy House is a dynamic and friendly content marketing agency specialised in creating engaging content for (fin)tech companies.

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We work with forward-thinking businesses to build the digital societies of tomorrow and help consumers and business owners make better, smarter decisions powered by the latest tech.

Experience Premium Content Marketing

While “generalist” service providers struggle to understand deep tech, the team at Copy House already has a solid understanding of the latest technologies and a diverse set of skills. So we’re prepared to hit the ground running and deliver exceptional marketing campaigns from day one.

Our Values:

A Content Marketing Agency That Cares

  • A Human Touch
  • Positivity
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Fair and Accessible Information

Our six-step interview process

We invest in the skills of our staff and have a unique ‘work from anywhere, any time’ culture, as long as the quality of work is maintained.

It’s important to us that we find the right type of candidate and you find the right role. As such, we take a longer approach to the interview process to ensure you are applying for the role you really want, working with the company you really want to work for and working with colleagues you will enjoy working with:

  • 15 minutes screening interview on Zoom
  • Personality test to assess soft skills
  • 1 hour skills and culture fit interview
  • Assessment / Presentation (if required)
  • Meet the team
  • Offer

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